Adventurous Stills’ Explorer’s Club

At Adventurous Stills, we’re all about testing the waters – whether it’s a new spirit idea or a peak to explore.  We are continuously working to improve our standard lineup of spirits and also devote a lot of time to the new and different.  Many of these spirits will be produced once, in single-cask batches.  Examples include barrel rested gin, a red, white and blue corn whiskey, and a mesquite-smoked version of our Fossil Creek Whiskey.  When they sell out, they’re gone!

In the Explorer’s Club you’ll receive one bottle of our newest release approximately every quarter, plus some other tasty bonuses:

  • Advanced tastings of new releases

  • Opportunity to buy one additional bottle before new releases are available in the tasting room

  • $6 cocktails in the tasting room at all times (25% discount)

  • 15% off all other purchases in the tasting room (including bottles, apparel, and logo items)

  • Sign-up Bonus: 2 free rocks glasses, a t-shirt, or a hat

Cost for the annual membership is $250.  You must be 21 to join.  All items must be picked up in the Tasting Room – we cannot legally ship our products.  You may designate someone else to pick up your bottles.  We will hold bottles for 2 months after the release date before they will be sold in the Tasting Room.

Fill out the following form and return it to the Tasting Room or email it to or come into the tasting room to become a member!

Explorer’s Club Form