Have you wanted to learn how to distill your own spirits from grain to bottle?

The distillers at Adventurous Stills are now offering distilling instruction where you will get hands-on experience at making spirits and be able to ask questions that you’ve always wondered! We have 2 options: A Day at the Distillery and Distill Your Own Barrel. See below for more details. ┬áPlease go to our contact page and email, call, or submit a comment to us if you are interested.

Day at the Distillery – $150/per person

This is a busy, hands-on day – we pick a day when we’re both mashing & distilling, and you’ll be working alongside the brewer/distiller the whole time. You will learn a LOT – when we’re not actually doing something, we’ll talk about process, chemistry, yeast, aging, regulations, etc. You’ll also taste whatever we’re working on, plus whatever else is currently being sampled in the tasting room. The class is limited to 3 people, includes lunch, and is held about once a month. Give us a call to see when the next class is scheduled!

Spend a day learning about the ins and outs of craft distilling! In one long day, you’ll learn about the whole process, including:

  • milling grains

  • mashing (conversion of grain starches into sugars)

  • fermentation (production of ethanol from sugars by brewers yeast)

  • distillation (concentration of ethanol)

  • barrel aging

  • bottling

Distill Your Own Barrel – $1350

Yes – you can distill your own barrel of whiskey, bourbon, aged genever (really whatever you’d like to make, within reason), using our equipment, expertise, and Distillery License*. You and up to 9 friends can share a great experience that produces 25-30** 750ml bottles of finished spirit. You will:

  • Work with us to select the grains, process, cooperage, & labeling for your spirits

  • Spend a whole day mashing a 110-gallon batch of wort, while learning all the details of the brewing, fermenting, distilling, and aging processes that make for great spirits

  • Monitor the fermentation of your wort into Distiller’s Beer

  • Participate in stripping & spirit distillation, proofing to cask-strength, and laying up your spirit into new 5-gallon charred american oak barrels (other options available)

  • Monitor the maturation of your barrel (typically 4-24 months)

  • Proof your spirit to bottling strength, and bottle your spirit using your custom labels*

  • Take home your bottles to enjoy!

There are many possible variations that we can accommodate – give us a call to discuss!

* Caveats to keep this legal: Federal regulations prevent us from selling spirit containers larger than 1.75 liters. So, barrel aging must take place at our location, and the finished product must be bottled in 750ml bottles before you can take it home. Labels must meet the basic requirements set by the TTB.

** 5 gallon barrels can produce up to 40 bottles of finished spirit, but generally lose 10-20% of their volume due to evaporation (known as ‘Angel’s Share’) during the maturation period. You will take home all of the spirit from your barrel, whatever the quantity.