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Chocolate Lava Cake Bourbon

March 18, 2021
Kelly Lattig

One of the best & worst parts of the whiskey business is the crazy long period of time that passes between the time you have an idea & execute on it, and when you get to taste the results of your work.  Right now, I’m thinking about what we’ll mash for release in Q3 of 2023!  Yes, 30 months from now!  You have to be an optimist in this business – who knows what new sorts of crazy we’ll pass through in the next 30 months?  Could we ever have suspected when we made our Q1 2021 Release of Wheated Bourbon (in Dec of 2018) that we’d be on the tail end of a pandemic now?  That we’d have stopped making spirits for 3months & made hand sanitizer instead? That so many great distilleries, breweries, restaurants (and other small businesses) wouldn’t survive?

On the other hand, one of the things that’s great about sipping an old whiskey is thinking about what was going on in my life, and in the world, when the spirit was made. Maybe a little bit like looking at the growth rings on an old tree that was cut down – what was the world like when it was but a seedling?  

Let’s hope that the next 30 months are filled with good times & prosperity!

Anyway, we’ve decided to make something fun to give you something to look forward to.  Whenever I talk about our Peralta Bourbon, I mention that it’s got a tiny bit of chocolate malt in the mashbill that gives the spirit a unique chocolatey backnote.  And sometimes, someone asks me what would happen if we added A LOT of chocolate malt.  I usually say something about a chocolate bourbon just being weird, and how we try to be Adventurous, not weird!  But I’ve been thinking lately – who knows? Done well, a chocolate wine can be pretty good.  Maybe a chocolate bourbon would be good as well!  So, here it comes: a mashbill with about 20% chocolate malt.  We’ll probably also run a bit deeper into the tails to pull lots of heavy congeners.  We’ll make enough to fill a new toasted & charred 30-gallon white oak cask.  And then we’ll wait.  2023 isn’t so far off, is it?

UPDATE: Well, it's done - and it is really different! The flavor from the additional chocolate malt is very heavy. I'm a little concerned that it's too bitter - almost like a black malt. But there's no doubt we've created something very different than what we usually make! Stay Tuned!

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