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Fossil Creek

American Whiskey

Campfire-style whiskey - a four-grain mashbill results in bold flavors, with notes of vanilla, caramel, with enough smoke to bring back memories of your last camping trip!

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Mesquite Whiskey

Boldly smoky whiskey

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Agave Reposado

Cask-strength Agave Reposado

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Peralta Bourbon

Small Batch Bourbon

A twist on the traditional bourbon with a few specialty grains to create chocolate & spice notes.

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Lost Dutchman

Rye Whiskey | Small Batch

A high rye whiskey with a sprinkle of wheat.

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Picket Post Vodka

Wheat Vodka

Smooth and soft on the palate, with a hint of sweetness & grain notes.  Great for making vodka martinis!

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Infinity Cask II

A cask-strength blend of Quinoa & Bourbon

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Papago Dark Rum

Dark Rum

Adventurous Stills' Papago Dark Rum starts from Select Caribbean Molasses, and is finished in American White Oak casks. Just slightly sweet, with baking spice & a hint of smoke.

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Agave Blanco

Creamy smooth 100% Agave Spirit

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Sample Pack

Half-size bottles of 4 great spirits

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Sesquicentennial Whiskey

All-Wheat Whiskey

A special whiskey commemorating Tempe's 150-year anniversary

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Orange Witsky

A uniquely orange whiskey

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Barrel-Rested Gin

Citrus-y Gin with lots of cask character

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Potstill-style whiskey

Single Malt

Potstill style whiskey at cask strength

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